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Who is the Benihana Bomber?

Who the hell is the “Benihana Bomber”? I was just cruising through Nordstrom on my lunch break and saw this RVCA t-shirt. That’s ROOOO-KUH for those of you not hip to the brand with a Latin influence.. I’m guessing? It’s … Continue reading

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NFL Scouting Combine Superhumans

The NFL combine is a trip. These insanely talented, skilled, and just plain freakish athletes taking what God gave them and putting it to the test. The way these guys train now with strength coaches and speed coaches… it seems … Continue reading

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The Final Chapter of Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen live on TMZ wearing a SF Giants hat, with a cigarette hanging off his lip. He gave Brian Wilson a shoutout during the TMZ interview… “Fear the Beard!” Gee, the MLB’s craziest player is being associated with Hollywood’s … Continue reading

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So long, Duke

Hall of Fame outfielder Duke Snider died yesterday. He was 84 years old. Edwin Donald Snider. For a couple of decades, he was a baseball god on both coasts. He electrified crowds in Brooklyn and Los Angeles alike. “My Dad … Continue reading

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One and a Half Men

I’ve said it here before, Two and Half Men is one of my favorite TV shows…and now it’s canceled. We’ve given multiple real time updates on the Charlie Sheen saga, found here and here, but he finally went too far … Continue reading

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Rex Ryan is a Cartoon

Rex Ryan guaranteed a Super Bowl victory for the New York Jets. In other shocking news, Rex Ryan loves feet. Antonio Cromartie has kids. Mark Sanchez loves hot 17 year olds. This is just tired. We get it, Rex. You … Continue reading

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The NFL Fan Solution to the CBA

Hey NFL, news flash for you. Fans don’t give a crap about the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We just want to watch football. Time to bring in some professional mediators. They know mediating…and they know football. Couldn’t go worse, right? -bp

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