Kate Upton Wants to Marry Me

What? You weren’t up all night getting jocked by Kate Upton? I was. As everyone knows, she just killed it in the most recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She wasn’t the covergirl, but it didn’t matter… she stole the show. She was the hottest chick in the issue. In one fell body painted swoop, Kate Upton grabbed the hearts and, uh…”minds” of every male SI subscriber between the ages of 7 and 107. She’s also gained a bit of a reputation for awesome tweets… ones that include awesome pictures… of her. Since she is, you know, as previously stated, awesome. Anyway, back to Twitter, last night she throws up this tweet.

No picture, just a simple “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” tweet. No big whoop. I took note and sent a curious, genuine, thought provoking response to her.It was a legitimate question… I know that her followers across the world collectively sighed when there was no picture attached. She’s smoking hot. Of course they were disappointed. Well, talk about taking it to the next level. Here’s what she threw back at me.Well, color me shocked to see Kate take this conversation to a whole ‘nother level. Laughing at me…changing the way she acts because I asked her to…winky winky smiling at me. Woah, woah, woah Kate…I’m a smart man. I can read between the lines. And lemme tell ya, girl… I’m readin’ you loud and clear.

Here’s a little LobShots lesson in Dating 101. When a girl wants a guy, there are three things she does, and three things only.
1.) She laughs at the guy so he think he’s funny. Check.
2.) She does whatever the guy asks of her. Check.
3.) She flirts like crazy with him. Check.

Well, I’ll be a damned… Kate, I know you’re reading this, and I know you know what you did. You basically just proposed to me. How is this not a trending topic on Twitter yet? It will be soon. In fact, everybody should check their mailboxes because this’ll probably be the next cover story on People Magazine. “Kate Upton proposes to BP, master mind behind the brilliant sports culture blog, LobShots.” Kate, you’re extremely gorgeous and you seem very nice…but this just all seems a little fast for me. Oh, and I may or may be married. I’m totally down to hang out sometime though. Let’s stay in touch.


***update: see Kate’s response to this post here***

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3 Responses to Kate Upton Wants to Marry Me

  1. Macaroni says:

    Sorry to burst your bubble BP, but later on Kate tweeted me about how some creepy pervert was saying he was disappointed at the lack of pictures, and she asked me “what the hells a lobshot anyways?”
    Kate’s mine bro

  2. Brooke Phelps says:

    Hi Brady. This would be your wife, well maybe we will have to see You are totally not ever hanging out with Kate.

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