Meet the Jerk that Picked the Correct Final Four

UConn, VCU, Kentucky, Butler. I read on ESPN all the crazy stats about people that actually had the correct Final Four. Out of the 5.9 million’s Tournament Challenge, only 2 of these clowns got them correct. Who the hell do these jerks think they are? They deserve junk punches anytime/anywhere from Livan Hernandez free of charge. Butler and VCU in the Final Four? You say that three weeks ago… and people are mocking you as if you’ve never even watched a game of basketball before. Meet “JSPEARLMAN”, the current leader of the ESPN Bracket Challenge. Here’s his bracket.

Dude’s got over 600 comments on his ESPN SportsNation page talking about lucky he is. He writes, “I can’t believe my luck – this is my only bracket. what great comments!” Who’s this guy think he is…picking Gonzaga to beat BYU? What a jerk.


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2 Responses to Meet the Jerk that Picked the Correct Final Four

  1. john says:

    you are nothing but a jealous loser. Calling a stranger a jerk is pretty immature, don’t you think?

    • LobShots says:

      You’re right, man. Super immature of me. Totally jealous of this guy. Me and 5.9 million other people… I’m glad you understand tongue in cheek so well. Nothing gets by you. Would you like to use your superior intellect and commenting skills to write for this blog? Just a bunch of jealous losers over here. We could use an upgrade like you. Please let us know…thanks.

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