I Wish Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson were Awful Pitchers. They’re not.

As much as I dislike the San Francisco Giants…they are the defending World Series Champions, and sometimes you just have to suck it up and give credit where credit is due. Welp, Tim Lincecum has been pitching lights out and after a hiccup fresh off a stint on the DL, Brian Wilson is crushing batters just like he crushes women with that beard. I’ve been saving this post for today. Why? It’s April 20th… 4/20…420. We all know what that means, and we all know what Timmy wants to do. The real question for Lincecum, having already been caught with the hippy lettuce… where do you hide it when somebody comes looking?

Nevermind… found a spot. Good grief. I could park my car in that thing. In all seriousness, these two are the perfect pitching combo. A Freak that can go late in the game… and a closer that is certifiably insane. Well, our boy Jay Martin from Hawk and Hunt was cruising downtown San Diego when the Giants were in town last week to play the Padres and boom… who does he see strolling around like they own the place? You guessed it.

Love that Jay just popped right in for a picture while doing his best Hangover impression with Carlos. Lincecum looks like he just walked out of a Gap ad, and Wilson is sporting a comic book t-shirt, and what looks to be a Transformers hat. Cheers to you, you jerks… you’re badass and you know it… even in someone else’s city. I hate that all my insults are futile at this point…oh well. Side note, tell me that baby’s not a ninja in disguise?


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2 Responses to I Wish Tim Lincecum and Brian Wilson were Awful Pitchers. They’re not.

  1. Wildman says:

    You might enjoy this…

  2. Macaroni says:

    Hey Jay, way to sneak a little ass grab in there. So jealous. I also noticed that B. Wilson seems to be rocking his club bracelet from the night before. Solid. Well done BP.

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