Liar, Liar, Michigan Fans’ Creativity is on Fire!

Liar, Liar Vest On Fire! Apparently this is along the I-94 so Michigan fans can feel better about themselves. I love that this picture, via Kegs ‘N Eggs, has been out and about on the world wide interweb for a few days now, and this is still the best picture I can find of it. Let me be clear, I don’t really think this billboard is clever at all. I think it’s stupid. But, I have a strong dislike for Jim Tressel and Ohio State University, so I figured I’d put it up. Regardless of his lies, Michigan fans… you’re 1-9 against OSU since he’s been head coach. You suck too.


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2 Responses to Liar, Liar, Michigan Fans’ Creativity is on Fire!

  1. Mich Fan says:

    I’m assuming you didn’t even bother to research this before you posted this. According to Mgoblog (, it isn’t Michigan fans who made the billboard. It was a Mich State fan.

    No wonder no one visits your blog.

    • LobShots says:

      you’re assuming? you know what happen when you assume, right? you make an assclown out of yourself. so, 10 days after i posted this blog suggesting it was michigan fans, along with about 500 other sites, some pathetic michigan fan blog posts it was a michigan state fan that did it? well, stop the presses, and let’s hold a moment of silence for anybody on the planet that gives a crap. it was the OTHER school in michigan… which, sadly, is still in michigan. enjoy your life, bro…once you find it. go state.

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