Dear Reader: Who is this Mystery Woman?

Good Lord. That. Who the hell is that? So, Palmer Cash is a website that sells t-shirts. A lot of them are pretty funny. I’m on their mailing list. For quite some time I’ve received promotional emails when new tees come out, and many times they are modeled by this smoking hot woman. Who is she? Am I behind the times on this one? Is she some supermodel that I have not heard of? I just google’d “Who is the Palmer Cash girl?” and I got nothing. That was the amount of research I was willing to put into it. So, I present this to you, the reader…who is she? Palmer? Cash? Somebody. Anybody. What would you say ya do here?


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9 Responses to Dear Reader: Who is this Mystery Woman?

  1. jinjer says:

    she is my friend

  2. jinjer says:

    we drink 40 together

  3. DEENUTZ says:

    This is my cousin so better be nice holmes.

  4. LobShots says:

    who put up the link to this post? why are so many people coming here? i’m so confused. oh, and if you’re chelsay’s cousin. tell her to hit us up. i want an interview. all class.

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