Does Kim Kardashian Hate Lamar Odom?

One big happy family, right? Let’s just get this out of the way… the answer to the question in the title… I don’t give a crap. The only reason I pose the question is because an old post of mine, “I Hate Kim Kardashian” is blowing up today because of something Kim said last night. Apparently, last night, on one of those awful reality shows they have, either Keeping up with the Kardashians, or Khloe and Lamar, or whatever the hell they’re called… Kim said she “hated” Lamar. I have no proof of this because nobody had a gun to my head last night forcing me to watch or care. Anyway, if you google “kim kardashian hates lamar odom”, LobShots is the number 1 hit. For now. I think that’s funny because that means people who actually give a crap about the worst family in America… are led to an article that rips them to shreds. So, if you’re one of the people that’s reading this right now because you give a crap about the Kardashians… get an effin’ life. If you are like me, and just like to rip on them and love to hear people talk crap about them… you’re kind of a loser too, but welcome! Btw, Kim Kardashian should hate Lamar Odom… because he’s kind of normal, and she’s a psychotic, egotistical, fame-seeking tramp… no way they see eye to eye.


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23 Responses to Does Kim Kardashian Hate Lamar Odom?

  1. boom says:

    shut the fuck up dawg its a fucking reality show the whole family is drama and thats the fun part of watching this go suck on ur dads dick and watch the show while ur at it

    • Cree-dub says:

      I’m confused…are you a tough guy or do you like the show? Because they seem pretty mutually exclusive to me.

    • LobShots says:

      Look everyone, Rob Kardashian has joined our comment board! What up “boom”?! Dawg. you are hardcore. Out of deep respect for you and all of your sisters… and although it might be difficult logistcally… i’ll take your request into consideration and get back to you.

  2. Geoff says:

    Wow, two of my personal pet peeves in one post — Internet tough guy and the grammar skills of a first grader. Please step away from E! television and pick up a book, preferably a dictionary.

  3. WilliamKente says:

    Shut the fuck up why are you watching the show if you dont like her get the fuck out of here you must love her because your doing this and your a hater your probaly broke as hell wishing you we’re her just shut the fuck up..

    • Kelly says:

      I hate kim kardashian too, but why are you blogging about here if you hate her so much? We all know she is all about money and herself, thats what makes this show.

      • LobShots says:

        i blog about her because i’ve been called to a greater purpose… to let people who search for her on the internet know that they need to stop. they are wasting their lives. you, kelly…stop watching. and to you Kunte, you use the F-word too much. llllllot of pent up anger going on up there. oh, and you should work on you’re use of contractions. (see what i did there? brilliant)

  4. kenyotta says:

    Said the guy who has a blog about the show. You should be thankful…….this show is giving you masterbatory material for months!!!

  5. Tina says:

    I think your a loser if you dedicate a post to someone you
    hate. I have a career and a husband and a new house,
    i enjoy guilty pleasures. So. You need an “effin” life lol.

    • LobShots says:

      i have a career and a wife and a new house and i enjoy guilty pleasures too… eat a damn Twix bar next time you feel an urge, stop flushing your life down the kardashian toilet.

  6. Beyoncca says:

    I love how honest the family is. Every other “reality” show only show what they want shown. I feel the Kardashians don’t hold back. Real people don’t!
    I could be spared all the inter-racial dating though. It’s so yester-year. I hope Kim stays with that Chris guy, he’s close to white, and that will prevent another breeder{bi-racial child} from being born and continuously create racial genocide.
    Lamar and Klhoe, I can tolorate better then other inter -racial couples. At least I think Klhoe didn’t choose Lamar because she” looked at his biker shorts and saw his package and was hooked”, like that slut Hiedi Klum said about Seal. This is why I hate inter-racial dating. It should be about love and not the size of a black man’s package. Sometimes I pray for segregation.

    • LobShots says:

      Sometimes I pray too, Beyoncca. Today I’ll pray for a couple things…first, your racist soul, and second, the hope that you never come back to this blog. Wanna know what’s so yester-year? Bigotry. Racial genocide? Good Lord, you have issues. I do find comfort in knowing that one of your issues is not small packages, so you got that going for you, which is nice.

    • The Grand Wizard Cree-dub says:

      FINALLY. Thank you Beyoncca for saying what everyone else was thinking. I just can’t believe all these people can be so blinded by everything that’s on the inside of a person that they completely ignore the color of their skin. Come on, people, let’s focus on what matters here.

      …by the way, Hitler called, he said what’s up and wanted you to keep fighting the good fight.

      In all seriousness, I hate the Kardashians with my entire being, but the one redeeming factor I can find is that they clearly don’t care about the color of anyone’s skin.

      Go drive off a cliff, you fucking bigot.

      • Beyoncca says:

        To : The Grand Racist Cree- dub

        My point is if love is what matters, why would caucasion women compare the size of a black man’s penis to that of a white mans. Don’t play! I’m not racist just fed up.
        White women have been so vocal with announcing to the world that blacks have big packages. I’m tired of that being the reason they choose black men.
        Yeah, but I’m the bad guy. It’s far too many bi-racial children being born without fathers. I have 6 cousin’s and 1 uncle who all have several white women that allow them to cheat and they continue to bring children in the world, just to fit into the black culture. At family reunions they show up alone with the breeder kids and no man. My cousin’s all bring their new girlfriends to the reunions. You would think they would feel awkward and out of place. If white America’s so “Excepting” of bi-racial kids why is it that no matter how high the percentage is, a bi-racial kid is still considered “BLACK”.
        I’m curious why they aren’t called “BI-RACIAL”. Perhaps white America doesn’t want to acknowledge the white blood that courses thruogh their veins.

      • LobShots says:

        I thought I told you to never come back to this blog.

    • keep on praying asswipe… keep on praying… : D

  7. jason says:

    yuh are just a hater soo stfu cause they aint do nothing to yuhr dumb ass

  8. The One and Only says:

    You say,
    “I think that’s funny because that means people who actually give a crap about the worst family in America…”
    I say,
    I could care less about the Palins.

  9. Rea says:

    First off, just by you writing this pathetic article shoes you have interest in the Kardashians and you don’t have a effin life. Get over yourself. If you really don’t care then don’t waste your tome writing this lame articles. Take your own advice, get a life.

  10. iluvthekardashians says:

    loBshots u guys r assholes cum faces and dicksuckers. the kardashian family is the most amazin and real and down to earth people u’ll ever meet i love them they rock and i’ll keep watchin them till forever. so get a life and stop tryin to mak odaz bad. this website is full of shit for this article they just wrote. may God punish u guyz leave the kardashians alone. IDIOTS!!!

  11. SexyMixedChica says:

    Calm down, clam down. Answer to the question, she used it as an example in an argument they were having, either way they are blood and have to accept each others choices. As for the rest of the posters on this site hijacking it to air your attitudes on interracial relationships, what happened to being a human first?

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