Chargers Boardshorts: Awesome or Lame?

After grabbing a bite to eat at Wahoo’s, I went next door to Mitch’s Surf Shop in La Jolla a couple days ago and saw these San Diego Chargers boardshorts on the rack. I snapped a few pictures because I thought it might be blogworthy. I was a bit undecided on these things. I mean, I love the beach… I love the Chargers… why not combine the two in some nicely made NFL sponsored Quiksilver trunks? Well, then I stumbled across this promotional video of the boardshorts and it made me embarrassed for even thinking I might rock them for a hot second.

How bad was that promo advertisement for these boardshorts? I cringed watching it. It kinda felt like Wilbur Kookmeyer stopped trying to be a surfer and started trying to be a football fan. It just didn’t feel right. I dunno? Am I wrong here? I feel like I’m the perfect target demographic for these shorts. I surf, and I love the Bolts. Yet, if I’m not convinced they’re a good buy…who is? Not just being a dick here…this is a legit question, I’m really torn on this one. Either way, if you want to pick some up, (I couldn’t find them on Mitch’s website, but they are on SouthCoast’s site, and no, they are not a sponsor) they aren’t cheap, about $60, but here they are. Notice there are current Bolts colors and old school powder blue. If you choose, choose wisely. Surf’s up.


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6 Responses to Chargers Boardshorts: Awesome or Lame?

  1. RockidD says:

    A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!

  2. LobShots says:

    2 awesomes and no lames… interesting. still no way i’m caught dead wearing these.

  3. jasonshurtz says:


    I’m definitely rocking these. If you’re a fan, and you wanna rep bolts at the beach, rep ’em. If you see me in powder blue at the beach and for some reason think I’m a kook for wanting to do that, then you have your own issues.

    I’m getting both colors.

    Rep with pride.

  4. Jeff says:

    because I don’t follow football I call it LAME.

    Would the NFL put a Quik logo on their uniform? I.D.I

    • jasonshurtz says:

      If they paid enough, bet ur ass they would. But it ain’t about that…quik gets it, that sports fans are nuts and they’ll go to any lengths to rep their team in anyway possible. I know MANY a local SD surfer who are HUGE Chargers fans. It’s why these things sold out in the main shops in a matter of weeks. If you’re a fan, you’ll get it and you’ll want ’em. If you aren’t, you won’t.

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