Now You Can be a Superhero

Superheroes are all the rage these days. You got your superheroes on steroids here. In addition, it feels like a new Superhero movie hits the theatres every week. Welp, now you run around looking like a clown instead of going to the movie to watch one. Superhero hoodies people. Pick up here…ya big dorks.

For the record, if I saw this guy doing that pose out on the street somewhere… I’d take my chances on his stupid spidey senses and kick him in the nuts in a heartbeat. Nice ankle socks with your Polo shoes, bro.


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One Response to Now You Can be a Superhero

  1. Super Cree-dub says:

    The ankle socks are the least of his problems. Look at the distance between his superhero eyes; he looks like a shark. Can Venom swim backwards?

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