Free’s Ass at the BET Awards

Not gonna lie. I have no clue who “Free” is. All I know is that @jose3030 tweeted this picture of a chick at the BET Awards with the craziest looking ass ever to make an appearance on planet earth. How ’bout a close up?

Speechless. Just an enormous, crazy, gravity defying ass. Here’s how everyone on the planet should’ve looked when they saw the above picture.


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6 Responses to Free’s Ass at the BET Awards

  1. LQL says:

    What A F#$K$%# ASS

  2. Bushwhack says:

    She always had it going on!! I don’t know why BET let her go in the first place but I’m lovin that Donkey.

  3. Jay R says:

    Free got them $29.99 pillows back there.

  4. Richie Soprano says:

    been my girl since day one! CURVALISCIOUS!!!!

  5. DJ Plan B says:

    She use to host 106 and Park w/ AJ

  6. Hoke says:

    That’s one phat ass there! Was watching the Bet awards and they switched to the Bet awards after party (Free, Kelly, Big Tigger, Kevin) and she turned around “DAMN” I liked fell off the couch! lol

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