Kate Upton Owns All-Star Weekend





Kate Upton is a goddess. My goddess. Has everybody forgotten that she proposed to me? She did. She wanted me to join her for All Star Weekend but I declined and came to Hawaii instead. No big whoop. Anyway, I was snorkeling with giant turtles, so I was unable to catch the celebrity softball game, but I was able to see a few pics. Because I’m uploading this post from my phone, and it sucks, I don’t know what order the pics are, but all you need know is they all have Kate Upton in them and she’s smoking hot.
One’s with a very cute Erin Andrews, Jenny Finch, and some other chick. What I’d pay to be alone in a locker room with them. Another is with Rickey, Rollie, the dude from Alias, and one of the Jonas Bros (I think?). The other two are Kate just looking crazy hot. Sizzling.
Off the top of my head…My top five favorite All Star Weekend memories ever? 5) Pete Rose bulldozing the catcher. 4) Josh Hamilton blasting 4 million homers in the Home Run Derby. 3) Bo Jackson winning the MVP after a 700 foot jack to straight away center. 2) Me sneaking down directly behind home plate to the front row of the 2010 ASG in Anaheim for 1st pitch with JayDub, LT, and Van Diesel. 1) Kate Upton.
End of Story.

Thanks for the lob, Gravy Train.

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4 Responses to Kate Upton Owns All-Star Weekend

  1. Geoff says:

    Now that’s what I call dedication. You’re on vacation, and you still have time to blog about Kate Upton. Much appreciated!

  2. Wildman says:

    WOW bp….1994 All-Star game doesnt ring a bell? Let me refresh your memory…

    Disappointed bp……..disappointed.

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