Jonathan Toews Killing It at the Cubs Game

Cubs game? check. Old school Bears hat? check. Dime piece by his side? check. Jonathan Toews of the Chicago Blackhawks just killed it at the Cubs game Sunday. He had this blonde cracking up the entire game. Is she Jonathan Toews’ girlfriend? Jonathan Toews’ date? I have no clue. I do, however, have a compilation is screen shots that folks put up on Twitter.

via @DanHarland

via @AndrewCieslak

via @Mdiedrich56

Ok, dime piece might’ve been a tad aggressive, she’s cute though. Cue every chick on the planet: rolls eyes, “I can see your roots.”

**update: if you’d like to know the identity of this kind young lady, her name is Gabrielle Valasquez and you can see a bunch of her facebook pics here**


Shoutout to Sharapova’s Thigh for bringing my attention to Wrigley.

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6 Responses to Jonathan Toews Killing It at the Cubs Game

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  3. says:

    maybe you need to credit barstool here

    • Cree-dub the Polite says:

      Pretty sure he credited his source. Thanks for stopping by though, come back any time.

    • LobShots says:

      man, you’re right. didn’t think about that. maybe i should credit barstool. which part, though? the part about me giving barstool the story and them linking me up? because that happened. or the part about pres calling me “some bro from chicago” that emailed him? because neither of those are true. so, yes, i give barstool credit for giving me credit. and i give them credit for saying a san diego guy is from chicago. and credit for emailing pres when i never did. how’s that for credit? that suffice? hope so. thanks for the comment.

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