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“The Dark Knight Rises” at Heinz Field: Pittsburgh Steelers and Gotham Rogues

I recently shared with you how fired up I am for the new Batman movie. The third installment of the new series, after Batman Begins and The Dark Knight…comes The Dark Knight Rises. I’ve being keeping tabs on the filming … Continue reading

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The Padres Bullpen, Yoda, and The Force

There aren’t many things the Padres have going for them these days… their bullpen, however, is one thing they definitely have going for them. Star Wars is another. I freaking love these guys. Led by Heath Bell, who is amazingly … Continue reading

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Mike Scioscia Emotional Chart

Mike Scioscia Emotional Chart. Love this. Love Mike Scioscia. Love that I will never be able to spell his name from memory. Oh, and he might just be the best manager in baseball over the past 10 years. I’m particularly … Continue reading

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LobShots Viewing Parties for Chargers 2011!

THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! The NFL Lockout, my friends, has been lifted. Time for the 2011 NFL season to get underway… prepare to have your minds blown. LobShots is throwing viewing parties for every single San … Continue reading

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The NeverStarting Story

-bp [lobbed in its entirety by reader cree-dub]

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“The Smurfs” is Easily the Next “Braveheart”

I don’t even know why I feel so compelled to share this… but I do. Every time I see an ad or commercials for this movie, it makes my skin crawl. “The Smurfs” will go down as the stupidest movie … Continue reading

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Hey Coco Crisp… Nice Neck, Bro

Even though he’s only a mediocre ballplayer, Coco Crisp seems to grace the LobShots pages often. There was his amazing afro. There was his DUI (this DUI post, btw… is probably the worst I’ve ever written). Now there’s this crazy … Continue reading

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