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It’s Poop Again! USA ties Mexico in Soccer

So, the USA tied Mexico 1-1 in Jurgen Klinsmann’s coaching debut for U.S. soccer. But all anybody can talk about is no. 9 on the Mexico team having a giant poop stain on his shorts. I think this dude’s name … Continue reading

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Truffle Shuffle Kid at Women’s World Cup Steals the Show

I flipped out when Alex Morgan scored the first goal for the US Women’s World Cup team in the final vs. Japan. I, like most people, “knew” they’d hold the lead and close the game out for the win. Sadly, they … Continue reading

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U.S. Women Save the Day

 I love nothing more than having an overhelming sense of American pride.  And thanks to the U.S. Women’s National Team, I was greeted with that as I woke up on Sunday morning.  I’ll be the first to admit that I missed … Continue reading

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Who Needs a Jersey? Joe Mauer’s No. 1 Fan

Don’t hate on this dude. I’ve always said… if you’ve got it, flaunt it. If you’re not gonna shave it all the way, as all dudes with back hair should, you might as well save some money on a jersey. … Continue reading

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Posters of Futbol Legends: Past and Present

Sucker for Soccer. You’re welcome. This is an incredibly well put together set of vintage style soccer posters of players past and present. We’d have never seen them if not for our friends over at Chitwood & Hobbs. Here’s a … Continue reading

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New Soccer Headbutt Makes Zidane’s Look Like Child’s Play

Zinedine Zidane’s got nothing on this fool. His headbutt was awesome and all, but it was bush league compared to this one. While searching for a nice little image of Zidane’s WorldCup headbutt, I happened across this page which has some … Continue reading

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LobShots Most Influential Athletes… Taste it, Forbes

I wish it didn’t bother me… but this Forbes’ Most Influential Athletes list is lodged under my skin. So, I did the only logical thing a sports blogger can do… fix it. I’ve combined forces with Showman and Mac to … Continue reading

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Not all Philadelphia Fans are Awful

As a Southern California guy, when I think of bad fans… I think of San Diego fans. Not bad people…we are awesome. Bad in the sense that we are fair weather, and you’ll often find Chargers games blacked out and Padres … Continue reading

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Ochocinco: Honorary Clown

So, I’m sitting in the airport and this is my first Droid post…let’s see if I still suck at blogging from remote locations. Sporting Kansas City, the MLS team that Ochocinco has been “trying out” for all week has named … Continue reading

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SDSU vs. UConn – 1st Person Account

Our boy Macaroni went to the game last night… a loyal reader, a smart fan, and a funny dude. The above picture is from his seats… here are his thoughts on the game. Our first ever guest post. – bp … Continue reading

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