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The San Diego Union-Tribune is Peddling Softcore-Porn

See that? Hot, right? Right. Here’s the problem though. Those are the images you see when you go to the website of our local newspaper, The San Diego Union-Tribune (SD U-T). All San Diegans know the site,, because that’s … Continue reading

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Indy Car Driver Will Power Gives the Double Barrel Bird on Live TV

How stoked is Verizon right now? You’re welcome for the free advertising from me. I don’t watch Indy Car racing… but if there were more dudes like Will Power giving the officials the double barrel bird, I’d probably watch more. … Continue reading

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The Best Name in All of Sports

Diver or not, if your name is Steele Johnson, you better have the ‘tuck’ mastered. (If you never went to a high school dance, you have no clue what I’m talking about.) -bp [via 3030]

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Nice Hamburger Shoe, Bro

Nike Blog – This is a Nike Air Max 90 made out of a hamburger. Created by Swedish designer Olle Hemmendorff, it features a sesame baguette, beef patties and tomatoes and pickles on the inside, a Swoosh cut out of … Continue reading

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Le Tour de Finished

So, wait, Lance didn’t win the tour this year? Frick, I’d have lost the farm in Vegas on that one. Congrats to the Aussie, Cadel Evans, that pulled out the win. This may come as a shock to our LobShots readers, … Continue reading

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Two and Half Naked Men

Welp, they’ve got an ad campaign, so it must really be happening. Lemme guess, they are just gonna use that picture over and over again and put different stupid slogans on it as we approach the first episode? Oh joy. … Continue reading

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MMA Fighter with the Worst Broken Nose in History

I’d never heard of Ryan McGillivray before I saw his busted up nose face. I kinda hope I never see him again, because he’s grossing me the eff out. Apparently, he’s a MMA fighter that used to be with the … Continue reading

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