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Brock Lesnar Just Killing It… And by “It” I Mean Rodents

Serious with this dude? You are a fighter. You are not a bullet promoting hunter. Well, I stand corrected. You are now both. Now you are a cute little animal killer. It’s not like these suckers are in your yard … Continue reading

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MMA Fighter with the Worst Broken Nose in History

I’d never heard of Ryan McGillivray before I saw his busted up nose face. I kinda hope I never see him again, because he’s grossing me the eff out. Apparently, he’s a MMA fighter that used to be with the … Continue reading

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I Wanna Party with Rampage Jackson and Ron Artest

Rampage Jackson and Ron Artest are out clubbing together. Dunno when or where… and don’t care, until it happens next time. Who wouldn’t want to party with these guys? Ron Ron is certifiable by admission, and hands down my favorite … Continue reading

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Chicks Can Wrestle Too

Who needs Nacho Libre when you’ve got this babes gettin’ after it. Roger Ebert just posted this photo on his blog. I have no idea what is happening here. I know nothing about this picture, but I love it. I … Continue reading

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What the hell happened to Randy Savage?

Since the Macho Man’s death, he’s been all over the news. He even saved us from the Rapture. I know I’ve read some great articles about him. The story of his baseball playing days can be read here. His impact … Continue reading

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Randy “Macho Man” Savage Saved us from the Rapture

“And lo, it came to pass that Macho Man Randy Savage did prevent the impending rapture. Amen.” -bp thanks, Noah. [via Rad-Dudes]

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Happy Birthday, André the Giant … I wish you were alive.

Happy Birthday, André. I never really knew that much about André the Giant. He was obviously a wrestler and he was my hero in “The Princess Bride”, one of my favorite movies ever. I quote that movie ten times a week, minimum. … Continue reading

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