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LobShots Viewing Parties for Chargers 2011!

THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! THE LOCKOUT IS OVER! The NFL Lockout, my friends, has been lifted. Time for the 2011 NFL season to get underway… prepare to have your minds blown. LobShots is throwing viewing parties for every single San … Continue reading

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This Will Blow Your Mind: Kate Upton with a Photobombing Ken Jeong

Take a second to think about what that model geek is looking at in that bed photo. Good grief. Who’s flame is burning brighter than Kate Upton’s right now? Nobody’s. Enter Ken Jeong stage right. Can-opening, bra-wearing, noodle-holding, tiara-wearing photo … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Owns All-Star Weekend

Kate Upton is a goddess. My goddess. Has everybody forgotten that she proposed to me? She did. She wanted me to join her for All Star Weekend but I declined and came to Hawaii instead. No big whoop. Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Carl’s Jr. is Auctioning off Miss Turkey’s Bikini on eBay

A few weeks ago, the LA Times reported that Carl’s Jr. would be auctioning off, for charity, the bikini worn by Miss Turkey in their latest TV commercial. Well, it’s finally up on eBay, and all the proceeds go to … Continue reading

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Kate Upton Crushes the Dougie

Hey internet smut peddlers, I got an idea… back the eff up off my girl Kate Upton. Yes, my girl. Good grief. This is old news. Been all over the world wide interweb…use it. We’re getting married. She proposed to … Continue reading

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Party with LobShots! (and other more important bloggers)

Padres Blogs Unite! I’ve said it a million times, I love baseball…it is my passion. I also love a good party. Welp, Major League Baseball season is upon us, my friends, so we must celebrate with a party. Not gonna … Continue reading

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Um, Kate Upton Really Does Want to Marry Me

Before you read any further, you need to read this post about how Kate Upton clearly proposed to me. Ok, so you read it, thought it was funny… blah, blah, blah… this BP character is a delusional stalker, right? Au … Continue reading

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